On your radio station - Free .. Open and free to all .. worldwide. Ride the Blue Time Machine with Papa Dee and The Doc. Right across the South West of England, throughout the UK and right around the world with a bucketful of Classic Blues, Some scorching stuff, R & B, Gospel Blues and just a side order of Soul. Back to 1929 and beyond, up to the present day, making all the stops along the way

About PD Productions

PD Productions is a radio station and media production company specialising in ‘Classic Blues’ ... From our archive of some 36,000 tracks, you can be sure of some fantastic shows. Our Company was created in 2012. We are a relatively small company (Just 7 people) which means, more than anything else, we offer you a personal service.

What does it cost

The big question with a very short answer... To you: nothing! There are no hidden costs or catches. We generate our revenue by production sponsorship and commercial advertising in other media directions.

How does it work

We are fully licensed to produce the copyrighted productions listed. Produced weekly in our own studios, these productions would be uploaded to you every Thursday using digital transfer software (‘We Transfer’) in digital MP3 format. All we need from you is an email address for us to transfer to. This service is non-contractual on your part. You may stop this service at any time.

What we may ask of you

Naturally, it is essential that we protect you and your radio station from any legal, copyright implications. For that reason,we may ask you for details of your licensing documentation for the state and/or country in which you broadcast