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The lady sings the blues
Mary Johnson - Barrel house flat blues (1930)
Gospel Blues Train
Blind Willie Johnson - Praise God I'm satisfied
North Mississippi blues / Hill Country Blues
Brownie McGhee - Greyhound bus
Featured artist of the week
Blind Roosevelt Graves - New York Blues (1929)

Le Moise Roosevelt Graves (December 9, 1909 – December 30, 1962), listed as Blind Roosevelt Graves, he recorded in the 1920s and 1930s. On all his recordings, he played with his brother Uaroy Graves, who was also nearly blind and played the tambourine. They were listed as 'Blind Roosevelt Graves and Brother'. Theirs is the earliest version recorded of 'Guitar Boogie', and they exemplified the best in gospel singing with 'I'll Be Rested'. It is documented that their 1929 recording 'Crazy about my baby’ could be considered the first rock 'n' roll recording.

Zydeco Blues
Doug Kershaw - On the Bayou
Appalachian blues trail
Marvin and Turner Foddrell - I got a woman
Swamp Blues
Lonesome Sundown - Gonna stick to you baby
Prison work songs
Penitentiary Blues
The Blues shack / Artists we'd almost forgotten
Mississippi Matilda - Hard working woman.
Backtracking - Special production
Appalachian Blues
Railroad Blues
Buell Kazee - The hobo's last ride
Jazz in Shades of Blue
Billie Holiday - Solitude
The Mississippi Moaners
Joe Calicott - Traveling mama blues - 1930
Spirituals - The blues connection
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child