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The lady sings the blues
Moaning Bernice Edwards - Low down dirty shame blues
Gospel Blues Train
Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Ninety-nine and a half won't do
North Mississippi blues / Hill Country Blues
Rosa Lee Hill - Count the days Im gone
Featured artist of the week
Robert Petway - Catfish Blues

Possibly one of the most legendary early blues songs. Robert Petway recorded the song 'Catfish Blues' in 1941. Among many other musicians who played variations of the song, Muddy Waters used the arrangement and lyrics of "Catfish Blues" for his song ‘Rollin' Stone'. David ‘Honeyboy’ Edwards asked if Robert wrote the song, he replied, ‘I just made that song up and used to play it at them old country dances. In his autobiography, David Edwards also remembered the Delta blues guitarist Tom Toy, from Leland, Mississippi, who apparently was well known locally for his version of ‘Catfish Blues’ but never recorded it.

Zydeco Blues
The red stick ramblers - Hot Tamale Baby
Appalachian blues trail
Roscoe Holcomb - Mississippi heavy water blues
Swamp Blues
Clarence Garlow - Sound the Bell
Prison work songs
Old dollar mamie
The Blues shack / Artists we'd almost forgotten
Little Hat Jones - Kentucky Blues.
Backtracking - Special production
Muddy Waters
Railroad Blues
Blind Sammie - Traveling Blues
Jazz in Shades of Blue
Miles Davis - Blue in Green
The Mississippi Moaners
Joe Calicott - Traveling mama blues - 1930
Spirituals - The blues connection
Follow the drinking gourd