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The lady sings the blues
Ethel Waters - Am I blue-1929
Gospel Blues Train
Bukka White - The promise true and grand
North Mississippi blues / Hill Country Blues
Hank Kilroy - Harlem blues
Featured artist of the week
Fannie May Goosby - Grievous Blues

Fannie May Goosby (born 1902, died sometime around 1934) also known as Fannie Mae Goosby. She was an American classic female blues singer, pianist and songwriter. Most of her recordings were released between 1923 and 1928, one of which was possibly her most well known , ‘Grievous Blues’. She was one of the first female blues musicians to record her own songs. Apparently, this was quite unusual at the time. She also was one of the first two blues singers to be recorded in the Deep South, the other being the dirty blues singer Lucille Bogan. Sadly, details of her personal life outside the recording studio are sketchy, what is known is questionable.

Zydeco Blues
Jimmy C Newman - Louisiana man
Appalachian blues trail
Lesley Riddle - Red River Blues
Swamp Blues
Lightnin' Slim - Mean Ole Lonesome Train
Prison work songs
Early in the morning
The Blues shack / Artists we'd almost forgotten
Ollis Martin - Police and High Sheriff come riding down
Backtracking - Special production
Etta Baker
Railroad Blues
Crowder Brothers - Depot Blues
Jazz in Shades of Blue
Wooden Joe Nicholas with Joe Petit- St Louis Blues - 1945
The Mississippi Moaners
Arthur Pettis - Quarreling mama blues - (Recorded 1930)
Spirituals - The blues connection
Oh Freedom