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The lady sings the blues
Edith Wilson & Johnny Dunn’s Jazz Hounds – Evil Blues (1921)
Download link Featuring the legendary lady artists back as far as the turn of the 20th century, from the earliest era of the blues. These are the lady's that left us the 'Roots of the Blues' Bessie Smith, Memphis Minnie, Ida Cox, just a taste of our 'Backtracking' collection. Join us as we celebrate legendary artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Randy Crawford and of course, when we talk about Blue Jazz, Billie Holiday. Who were these ladies? What is their story? So much to explore. The 'Ladies' most certainly do, Sing the blues.
Gospel Blues Train
Bukka White - The promise true and grand
Download link Gospel blues are a form of blues-based gospel music that has been around since the inception of blues music. Possibly fair to say, led by The Reverend Gary Davis. Listen out for the 'Gospel Blues' Track' on the 'Backtracking' production, join the early 21st century gospel revival to the glory of God. Get on board the Gospel Blues Train'
North Mississippi blues / Hill Country Blues
Mississippi Fred McDowell - 61 Highway Blues
Download link Hill Country Blues is one of the many regional styles of country blues, gosh, there are so many. It is characterised by a strong emphasis on rhythm and percussion, steady guitar riffs, few chord changes, unconventional song structures, and heavy emphasis on the groove. It has it's own very distinctive style from other genre's.
Featured artist of the week
Charley Patton - Rattlesnake Blues (1930)
Download link

Every week on 'Backtracking' we feature one of the blues artists from so very long ago, if you missed this feature or you want to know whose coming next week well, no problem you'll find our featured artists right here. You know by now that the guys at PD Productions spend hours trawling through records and books of research to find those artists we just don't hear from anymore. So many left just a few recordings then disappeared. Like you we love the up to date blues artists, but we simply can't let those from all those years ago who left us such a legacy disappear and be forgotten.

Zydeco Blues
Nathan Abshire - Pine grove blues
Download link Zydeco evolved in southwest Louisiana by French Creole speakers which blends blues, rhythm and blues, and music indigenous to the Louisiana Creoles and the Native American people of Louisiana. Although it is distinct in origin from the Cajun music of Louisiana, the two forms influenced each other, forming a complex of genres native to the region.
Appalachian blues trail
Lesley riddle - Red River Blues
Download link Appalachian Blues Trail .. The 'mountain cousin' of the Delta blues. Appalachian blues carries the stamp of a distinctive regional blend of European and African styles and sounds born from the cultural crossroads of railroad camps, the mines and rural settlements. . Perhaps there are even elements of the 'Gandy dancers' music in there. The music of blues artists such as Pink Anderson, Lesley Riddle, Etta Baker, John Jackson and many more shine bright, claiming Appalachia as a key cradle of acoustic blues.
Blues on the Bayou
Tabby Thomas - Don't say a mumblin' word
Download link .... or gator blues is a type of Louisiana blues that developed in the Black communities of Southwest Louisiana in the 1950s. It incorporates influences from other genres, particularly zydeco and Cajun. Bayou blues has a laid-back, slow tempo, and generally is a more rhythmic variation.
Prison work songs
Lightning Long John (1933)
Download link Field hollers, call and response stems from the oral tradition of African music. These songs were performed in this instance by prisoners as they worked in the fields, on the roads, in the ditches and during worship or at other gatherings for entertainment. Listen to these songs, blues borne out of untold suffering, despair and depravation, if they aren't the blues, the blues don't exist.
The Blues shack / Artists we'd almost forgotten
Willie Baker - Crooked woman Blues (1929)
Download link Little Hat Jones', 'Funny Papa Smith', 'Papa Egg Shell' ... They really did exist. Join us in the 'Blues Shack' as we introduce you to some of the most obscure Blues artists, long forgotten. So many of these wonderful artists have almost disappeared into the mists of time, but not quite. Going far back beyond our remit, we're now bringing them and their music back for us to remember, this is where the blues came from. Featuring the long-lost blues artists from so long ago. Artists we'd nearly forgotten.
Sawmill Gravy Blues - Special Productions
Mississippi Blues (1929 to 1937)
Download link Taking a look a little closer into some of the genre's of the blues and the, as is often the case, the strange and mysterious artists who seem to have little background, that is until we start digging and then all kinds of facts and statistics begin to appear. One example was a fantastic artist rejoicing in the name of 'Lucille Brogan'. We thought it would be a good idea to research this lady and play a few of her recordings. Sadly, she was sub tagged as a 'Dirty Blues Artist' and we soon found out why. Without being too explicit, if we were to edit out the obscenities and profanities of her recordings we'd be left with a about 5 seconds to play.
Railroad Blues
Burnett & Rutherford; - Rambling reckless hobo ... (1927)
Download link Have you ever wondered why there are so many Blues songs about trains and the railroad? Well, the railroad was a means of escaping the harsh realities of life; it was a way of heading for the promised Land. Look no further than Sister Rosetta Tharpe’s 1939 classic, ‘This Train’ and the several other covers of that song. It’s about time we took a look back at all things train.
Jazz in Shades of Blue
Chet Baker - Almost blue
Download link Blue Jazz, derived its name from the blue notes of jazz and the blues themselves. Chill with us as we stream the deepest, bluest Jazz. Blue Jazz has a very special feel, it can easily make you sing or cry as a very personal memory comes flooding back. So here we go, featuring artists so fine such as Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Randy Crawford, our own, the incomparable Cleo Laine and so many more.
The Mississippi Moaners
Blind Willie Reynolds - Married Man Blues (1931)
Download link The Mississippi Moaner was the name first used by American blues man Isaiah Nettles. Little is known about Isaiah, but he is best remembered for his recordings in 1935 when he recorded five sides for Vocation Records. Only one 78 from the session was ever officially released. The phrase has since been taken up by a number of blues artists
Spirituals - The blues connection
Oh Freedom
Download link Exploring the connection between the spirituals of the 19 / early 20th century, blues, and the work songs. Indeed where it all began