Ride the Blue Time Machine with Papa D and The Doc .. Right across the South West of England, throughout the UK and right around the world with a bucketful of Classic Blues, Some scorching stuff, R & B, Gospel Blues and just a side order of Soul. Back to 1929 and beyond, up to the present day, making all the stops along the way.
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Listen to the Blues talking
Listen to the Blues Talking .. Every Thursday 'Just the Blues Talking' - Classic Blues and some features in there you'll love including, The Doc's Selection, The Hot Double, Gospel Blues Track of the Week, The Back Tracking Feature and much more ...

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Backtracking to the Mississippi Delta
Backtracking to the Mississippi Delta .. Every Friday, we ride the 'Blue Time Machine' and go Back Tracking to the Delta. Featuring those legendary artists as far back as 1929. Where it all began -

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Featured and Supported Productions
Jazz Classic of the week
John Coltrane - Giant Steps
Blues Extra from the archives
Long John .. Rock the Joint
Classic Blues track of the week
John Coltrane - Giant Steps
Current Special Production Showcase
The Lady sings the Blues
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There must be many people listening to 'Blues' who would love to be able to play their guitar and Jam' with these great tracks. Now you can. Join us, visit Justin and have a go. You'll be strumming and picking in no time .. Click here
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Classic Blues, R&B, Gospel Blues, and Just a side order of Soul ...