This week - Beginning...: Sunday 29th March 2020 Classic Blues, R&B, Gospel, Backtracking, with a Side order of Soul
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Blues in the Night ...  A question, have you ever had the Blues in the Night, that feeling of restlessness, you have get up, put your raincoat on and step outside. It's that light drizzly rain, so you walk, and the blues just won't leave you .. You've got the Blues in the Night .. Special Production Showcase - Download
Coming next .. Piedmont Blues

Piedmont blues (also known as East Coast, or Southeastern blues) refers primarily to a guitar style, the Piedmont fingerstyle, which is characterized by a fingerpicking approach in which a regular, alternating thumb bass string rhythmic pattern supports a syncopated melody using the treble strings generally picked with the fore-finger, occasionally others. The result is comparable in sound to ragtime or stride piano styles
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Classic Blues, R&B, Gospel, Backtracking, with a Side order of Soul... Everyday, we've got the Blues.