• It's been impossible to produce a 'Doc takes 5' during the pandemic. Fear not, we're getting close to being able to do another one.
  • Don't miss this week's 'Backtracking' show. Look out for the 'Gospel Blues' slot
  • Welcome to our new friends in Austria this week.
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  • Check out Boo Boo Davis at Black and Tan records. Visit the 'Emerging Blues Artists' link below.
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Everyday, we've got the Blues - Ride with Papa Dee & The Doc on the Blue Time Machine ..... Back to the roots of the blues, back, to where it all began .... Let's hope W C Handy would have approved ....
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Backtracking to the Delta
    Blues from the Delta going back as far as the 1920's and beyond.
    Ride the Gospel Blues Train.
    The Delta lady sings the blues.
    Featured artist of the week.
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    Every Friday, we've got the 'Backtracking' Blues.
Listen as the Lady sings the Blues
Featuring those legendary artists .. Just listen to the emotion and the bluest, blue in these tracks ... Ride the 'Blue Time Machine' with us . Just soak up the tracks that take you way back in time. Indeed, Back to where it all began .... The ladies, back as far and the early 1900's ..
Syndicating the Blues - Worldwide
Irrespective of size or location of your radio station around the world, all of our productions are available to be uploaded to you weekly, completely Free.. Get the Blues on your Radio Station. Let's get started.
At the Crossroads ....
We'd love to have you join the gang at PD Productions and add your bit of 'Delta Blues' to our website: Showcase your band, or if your a solo artist, get your track promoted here (free) ... Perhaps you've a track or artist you'd like us to include in a future playlist ... Click here and get in touch today ....
The 4th Day Special Production ....
Each Wednesday we release a 'Special' production we call The '4th Day Special', ... 4th day, because our week begins on a Sunday. These specials feature a selected specific artist or genre of Delta or the earliest Blues music ... This week ...
Sawmill Gravy Blues - Elmore James
Blues Shack - The legends
Mamie Smith (née Robinson; May 26, 1891 – September 16, 1946) was a vaudeville singer, dancer, pianist, and actress. As a vaudeville singer she performed in various styles, including jazz and blues. In 1920, she entered blues history as the first African-American artist to make vocal blues recordings. When she was around 10 years old, she found work touring with a white act, the Four Dancing Mitchells.  As a teenager, she danced in Salem Tutt Whitney's Smart Set.  In 1913, she left the Tutt Brothers to sing in clubs in Harlem and married William "Smitty" Smit - The rest is history.
Meet the Doc & Papa Dee
PD & The DocThe Doc and I thought to ourselves. As the song goes:  ‘Seemed like a good idea at the time’ and you know what... it was!
With no plans to retire, unless the electricity runs out and we go back to gas and candles, we'll keep listening to and producing 'Backtracking' and 'Listen to the Blues Talking' with you, our very good friends right around the world.
We're two, a little long in the tooth, Blues rockers who plan to keep rockin’ for a very long time yet .... The word is, you may be sure, the Blues will keep talking' to us, and you.
The Gospel Blues Train
Gospel blues are a form of blues-based gospel music that has been around since the inception of blues music. It combines evangelistic lyrics with blues instrumentation, often with a blues guitar accompaniment. Possibly fair to say, led by The Reverend Gary Davis. Listen out for the 'Gospel Blues' Track' each week on the 'Backtracking' production.
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