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Scheduled this week: Week beginning: Saturday 25th June 2022

A long time ago I learned how to 'feel' the blues. Simply, you can't play or sing the blues unless you can feel them .. the chords and lyrics mean nothing, unless they touch your soul and you feel them down to your fingers.

For around 8 years now we've been producing shows for radio stations around the world. We have a 'thing' about keeping the spirit, if you will, the roots of the blues alive. Fully licensed, we invite you to enjoy, and where we make them so available, download all or any of these productions.

Irrespective of size or location of your radio station, all of our productions are available to be uploaded to your station weekly, completely Free.

Thank you for visiting with us, do come back and see us again soon. We hope you have enjoyed the music and the links on our website. If you have a suggestion or a track you'd like featured do get in touch.
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Backtracking to the 1920's and beyond .... Back to the 'Roots of the Blues'. These are the artists from the earliest days of the blues. Our production is about respect and the privilege of bringing these legendary artists, and the more obscure ones and their music to a worldwide audience.

All those years ago they left us a legacy of music that must never be allowed to fade into the mists of time – at PD Productions, they never will. .... Welcome aboard the ‘Blue Time Machine’ as we go back to where it all began -You're very welcome.
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Everyday, we have the blues .....
Gospel Blues TrainGospel blues Train Gospel blues are a form of blues-based gospel music that has been around since the inception of blues music. It combines evangelistic lyrics with blues instrumentation, often with a blues guitar accompaniment. Possibly fair to say, led by The Reverend Gary Davis. Listen out for the 'Gospel Blues' Track' on the 'Backtracking' production, join the early 21st century gospel revival to the glory of God. Get on board the Gospel Blues Train' -
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Listen as the lady sings the blues
Lady Blues - 01 Lady Blues - 02 Lady Blues - 03 Lady Blues - 04
Bessie Smith - My man blues.
Featuring the legendary lady artists back as far as the turn of the 20th century, the earliest era of the blues, and that's just our 'Backtracking' collection. We also celebrate artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Randy Crawford and so many more as the 'Lady sings the blues ...
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Lady Blues - 05
Featured Artist of the week
Clarence Lofton (March 28, 1887,1896 or 1897 – January 9, 1957), credited as Cripple Clarence Lofton, was an American boogie-woogie pianist and singer born in Tennessee. Clarence was born with a limp, from which he derived his stage name, but he began his career as a tap dancer. He then began performing in the blues idiom known as boogie-woogie and settled in Chicago, Illinois. The distinctive feature of his performances was his energetic stage presence; he would dance and whistle as well as sing
Cripple Clarence Lofton - I don't know
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Zydeco-ImageZydeco .. evolved in southwest Louisiana by French Creole speakers which blends blues, rhythm and blues, and music indigenous to the Louisiana Creoles and the Native American people of Louisiana. Although it is distinct in origin from the Cajun music of Louisiana, the two forms influenced each other, forming a complex of genres native to the region.
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Appalachian Blues Trail .. The 'mountain cousin' of the Delta blues, Appalachian blues carries the stamp of a distinctive regional blend of European and African styles and sounds born from the cultural crossroads of railroad camps, (Perhaps there are even elements of the 'Gandy dancers' music in there) the mines, and rural settlements. The music of blues artists such as Pink Anderson, Lesley Riddle, Etta Baker, John Jackson and many more shines bright, claiming Appalachia as a key cradle of acoustic blues.
Doc Watson - Sitting on top of the world
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Swamp Blues Image
Swamp blues is a type of Louisiana blues that developed in the Black communities of Southwest Louisiana in the 1950s. It incorporates influences from other genres, particularly zydeco and Cajun. Swamp blues has a laid-back, slow tempo, and generally is a more rhythmic variation of Louisiana blues.
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Prison work songs, field hollers, call and response stems from the oral tradition of African music. These songs were performed in this instance by prisoners as they worked in the fields, on the roads, in the ditches and during worship or at other gatherings for entertainment. Listen to these songs, blues borne out of despair and depravation, if they aren't the blues, the blues don't exist.
It makes a long time man feel bad
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Prison work songs-Image
The Blues Shack ... What if we were to say that back in the 20's / 30's there were blues artists with names like 'Little Hat Jones', 'Funny Papa Smith', 'Papa Egg Shell' ... Would you believe me? - Join us in the 'Blues Shack' as we introduce you to some of the most obscure Blues artists, long forgotten.
Dennis McMillon
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Blues shack-Image
Backtracking special-Image
Backtracking - Special Production ... Good to see you. As our collection from all those years ago continues to grow, this is where we showcase one of the legendary Blues artists or genre's from our archives going far, far back in time and tell you a little about them.

We'd be delighted if you were to tell us about your favourite artist from as far back as you'd like to go .. and we'll see what we can do ... We can only hope the great man, W C Handy would have approved.
Muddy Waters
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W C Handy
Is it possible to talk about and play the music of the earliest blues without paying our respects to the legendary W C Handy, the 'Father of the blues'. His music isn't everyone's cup of tea, but do take the time to find out a little about this great man and his band.
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Jazz in Shades of Blue - We dropped this item from our collection some time ago but so many people have asked us to bring it back ... Who are we to argue. Blue Jazz has a very special feel, it can easily make you sing or cry as a very personal memory comes flooding back. So here we go, back at PD Productions -Jazz, in Shades of Blue.
Coming very shortly
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Do forgive me and perhaps indulge me. There are some tracks that are 'mine' - It may be one of the first I learned to play or just, I simply love it and it gets played over and over again in the car to the annoyance of Mrs Papa Dee - I hope you'll share it with me .....
Memphis Jug Band - Minglewood Blues
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