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We all love the 'Blues' the latest music, back into the 70's and 80's and back to where it all began. In a nutshell, the very best in Blues .. We're on a mission to ensure that the music from back in the 1920's/30's, and the wonderful artists of the earliest days, are never forgotten, nor are they allowed to disappear into obscurity. Join us as we go 'Backtracking to the Delta' and beyond, up to the present day, making all the stops along the way. .. with a side order of Soul .... Hopefully, W C Handy, would have approved .... Enjoy the very best of the Blues ..
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Backtracking to the Delta
Every Friday we go Backtracking to the Delta. Back to where it all began. Showcasing the artists from the 1920's through the 30's and up to the early 60's.
Listen to the Blues Talking
As much as we're featuring the Delta artists from way back in time. We also love to bring you the the latest Blues. So here, we're going backtracking in time, up to the present day, making all the stops along the way.
Every Thursday - Listen to the Blues Talking
Blues shack - The Legends
Arthur Crudup was born in Forest, Mississippi, The family returned to Mississippi in 1926, where he sang gospel music. He had lessons with Papa Harvey a local bluesman , and later he was able to play in dance halls and cafes around Forest. He began his career as a blues singer around Clarksdale, Mississippi. As a member of the Harmonising Four, in 1939 he visited Chicago. The record producer Lester Melrose allegedly found him while Crudup was living in a packing crate, introduced him to Hudson Whittaker, better known as Tampa Red, and signed him to a recording contract
Arthur Crudup .. Give me a 32-20
Featured special production

The legendary Delta Lady's ..Their songs are iconic, heartfelt and deep. Their voices are unforgettable. These are the greatest female Blues artists of all time, their individual musical styles remain unique. Some famous female artists sing the blues, while others infuse gospel into their heartfelt songs. So here we go, backtracking on our 'Time Machine' with the Legendary Delta Lady's - as 'The Lady sings the Blues'

Every Wednesday Coming next ... Ma Rainey
The lady sings the Blues ...Featuring those legendary artists from back to where it all began .. Just listen to the emotion and the bluest, blue in these tracks ... Ride the 'Blue Time Machine' with us . Just soak up the tracks that take you way back in time. Indeed, Back to where it all began .... but, you may be sure, we won't be forgetting the lady's of today. Far too good to miss.
This week: .. Heather Gillis - Gonna be a storm