This week - Beginning...: Sunday 13th Sept 2020   Classic Blues, Sweet Jazz, R&B, Gospel, Backtracking, with a Side of Soul
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Backtracking to the Mississippi Delta    
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The Doc's Special Production Showcase.
The Mississippi Saxophone or a tin sandwich,others simply refer to it as a harp. Whatever the name,the harmonica is an essential Blues instrument. For various reasons the harmonica was a most natural instrument of choice for Southern African-Americans in the development of the Blues. Small,inexpensive,robust,portable,and user-friendly for a novice to approach. ... Download from the archive
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Classic Blues, Jazz in Shades of Blue, R&B, Gospel, Backtracking, with a Side order of Soul... Everyday, we've got the Blues.

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  Many people have been so complimentary regarding our production 'Listen to the Blues Talking' and it's presentation, but behind the scenes is an expert. Our blues productions wouldn't exist without the 'Doc' .. Now the 'Doc' has his own show .. 'The Doc Takes 5' Listen download from here